nikka whisky single malt miyagikyo


nikka whisky single malt miyagikyo is a blended whisky from Japan that originated in the late 1800s. It uses malted barley sourced from Scotland and is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 10 years before it’s blended with other grains and matured for another three years. The result is a smooth and flavorful whisky with hints of vanilla and fruitiness that’s sure to delight your taste buds.


The nose is sweet, with notes of vanilla, honey and brown sugar. This whisky smells like a dessert you might eat after dinner. It also smells like a good quality single malt whisky—a whisky that’s been aged in barrels for at least 12 years and made from only malted barley and water (no other ingredients).


The taste is smooth, with a slight hint of smoke and malt. The texture is creamy and full-bodied, with an oily mouthfeel that coats the tongue. The aftertaste is slightly smoky with hints of vanilla and oak.


The finish is long, warm and smooth – leaving you with a lasting impression.

Not as dry as other whiskies on the market but still not too sweet either.


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Miyagikyo 10 Year Old

A soft, clean, sweetly fruity and extremely approachable Japanese malt from the Miyagikyo distillery in Sendai, northern Japan.   FACTS

Miyagikyo 15 Year Old

A top-quality malt from the Miyagikyo distillery (also sometimes known as Sendai). A previous batch of this managed a hugely

Miyagikyo Single Malt

Nikka’s entry-level whisky from Miyagikyo distillery. Light in body, yet full of flavour, this is an excellent introduction to Japanese