Jim Murray 2015 Whisky Bible and Why Scotch Whisky Sucks

Jim Murray 2015 Whisky Bible and Why Scotch Whisky Sucks is an annual publication which carefully considers thousands of different whiskies to find those which are worthy of the title "World Whisky of the Year."

Jim Murray 2015 Whisky Bible and Why Scotch Whisky Sucks

Jim Murray 2015 Whisky Bible and Why Scotch Whisky Sucks has been stirred into a stupor by the glories of Scotch whisky in 2015. In a world where there are so many fine whiskies from around the globe, he sees them all as “contenders” for top spot in his annual book of rankings. Yet again it is Scotch that wins

There’s a changing of the guard in the Whisky Bible. It’s only a matter of time before someone better than Jim Murray comes along and changes it all over again.

This is the only whisky book you will ever need. It’s impossible to turn to another page without finding something genuinely fascinating, or at the very least, amusing, about the authors and products covered within. Yup, there are some things that don’t agree with me quite as much as others, but this book is so well put together that it’s hard not to completely fall in love with it.

Jim Murray has gone “mad as a cut snake” because Scotch whisky is “on its knees” and “many a fine dram has been butchered” by distillers and blenders. He spits fire in his 2015 Whisky Bible and you don’t want to miss the reason why: whiskies are being ruined by too much caramel!

This book makes clear to any whisky drinker why Scotch doesn’t hold a candle to the best American Bourbon, Bourbon that I tasted on my “Whisky Bible” tour in 2015. The book explains why a single malt can be easily priced at $1000 while the same money buys more than three times as much of a better product from Kentucky.

From a review of the 2015 Whisky Bible, by Jim Murray: “The two [Scotch whisky producers] who get to hear how the independent world has gone wrong in their whisky drinking are David, who moved to Paris and became worldly, and Darryl, who did the same but somehow missed out on becoming all that worldly.”

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible is the world’s most famous whisky publication. Each year it is eagerly awaited and eagerly devoured. I well recall at last year’s dinner party, that my buddy “Jimbo” told me he was going to get himself a copy of Murray’s latest bible as soon as it came out; then proceeded to wait a full ten days until we were able to get hold of it in the local liquor store. (Yes, he really did!)

The Whisky Bible is a celebration of the world’s best whiskies. An authoritative and comprehensive guide, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible is an annual publication which carefully considers thousands of different whiskies to find those which are worthy of the title “World Whisky of the Year.”

In an entirely new format, Jim Murray has brought his uncompromising, forthright and opinionated personality to bear on the 2015 Whisky Bible. This third edition is fully revised and updated with new scores for every whisky mentioned – there are now a total of 6,678 entries – but also includes new tasting notes for 129 Benriach Single Casks bottlings and a selection of new whiskies that Jim has tasted over the last year.

The bible of whisky drinking, The Whisky Bible, is the industry’s reference guide to the world of whisky. Each edition features the world’s leading expert tasting notes and rankings, distillery profiles, distillation methods and techniques and statistics on every single whisky in their database.

The Scotch Whisky Bible is the definitive guide to the world’s leading single malts and blends – and the story of how and where they are created. Presented in a leather cover with a ribbon page marker, this edition will continue to be the cornerstone reference on Scottish whisky for years to come

Jim Murray is the world’s leading spirits writer and editor, the author of over 40 bestselling books on whisky and other subjects including Whisky: The Manual, who compiles the annual Whisky Bible. He launched his first book, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, in 2001. Since then, it has become a publishing phenomenon that every whisky drinker wants to have near at hand every time they pour themselves a dram.

The whisky world’s most controversial and best-selling expert has spoken, again. In his 2015 Whisky Bible, Jim Murray has come out with a scathing review of Scotch whisky marketing and its aim to “exploit its customers”–and called for the industry to be regulated by multinational regulations similar to those in place with tobacco products.

Jim Murray, the biggest whisky critic in the world, slammed Scotch whisky in his 2015 Whisky Bible. He’s blamed the industry for watering down its product and he takes particular aim at the cult of Japanese whisky. In this episode of Dram Chat we discuss Jim Murray’s latest book, whether or not it’s true what he says about Scotch, why we love it so much and how we can help improve.

Scotch whisky sucks. This fact has been proven by Jim Murray, the world’s most successful and influential whisky critic. In his latest book, he lists and rates the best whiskies on the planet. He awarded top honors, the coveted title of World Whisky of the Year, to a Japanese whiskey for the first time ever—the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 (aged 10 years). And that was just one of 12 Japanese bottles from a total of 60 whiskies from 20 countries that received gold medals.

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